What are the payment methods for purchasing on the site?2021-04-02T16:49:32+02:00

The payment methods to purchase on www.nutra-be.it are: credit/debit card (Maestro,Visa Circuit); Paypal; bank transfer.

How can i remove my order?2021-04-02T16:48:17+02:00

You can request full or partial cancellation of your order by Paypal payment method (refund within 24 hours). With this method it is also possible to integrate the order with other products by sending to the mail info@nutra-be.it the missing difference, and sending confirmation emails.

Can i pick up my order at a point of sale?2021-04-02T16:46:17+02:00

Orders can be withdrawn – by telephone notice to the courtesy service number – in the only physical office located at the office NUTRA-BE Srl in via Muggiasca 207, Sesto San Giovanni (MI); the office hours and subsequent withdrawal are: Monday to Friday from 9am to 1pm and from 2pm to 6pm.

What is the minimum threshold for free shipping?2021-04-02T16:44:37+02:00

The shipment is free of charge for orders of 50 euros or more in the national territory; 100 euros for EU countries; 150 euros for non-EU countries such as Albania, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands and 200 euros for Japan.

How long before my order gets here?2021-04-02T16:43:33+02:00

Once your order passes from the processing stage to the completion stage the expected delivery times are 48 hours (72 hours for the islands).

How much is in drops 0.5 ml or 0.1 ml of the product measured in the graduated measuring?2021-04-02T16:41:49+02:00

Approximately 0,5 ml of product correspond to 10 drops and 1 ml of product to 20 drops. This indication is not an absolute value because it depends on several factors: type of pipette and then drip exit hole; the density of the product and therefore the size of the drop; and in fact these reports are carried out in production with precision scales.

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