Niacin, also called B3 vitamin or PP vitamin , is a vitamin that is found in the form of nicotinic acid or nicotinamide, belonging to B group.

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As a result, it is water-soluble and so it is not accumulated inside the body: for this reason, niacin must be constantly integrated through the diet or alternatively, if necessary, through concentrated sources, such as specific and/or multivitaminic dietary supplements.


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Niacin is found in many foods: good carriers are cereals, especially whole grains, legumes, meat, eggs, fishery products and offal.

More specifically:

Food Quantity of niacin mg/100 g
dry yeast 40,2
rice bran 33,9
anchovies in oil 19,9
lamb liver 16,1
pork liver 15,3
anchovies 14
bran 13,5
peanuts 13,5
turkey liver 13,5
dried spirulina 12,8
dried corandolo 10,7
calf liver 10,5
chicken breast 10,4
praprika 10
ginger 9,6
mackerel 9
tarragon 8,9
chia seeds 8,8
cayenne pepper 8,7
sunflower seeds 8,3
pork kidney 8,2
quail 8,2
beef kidney 8
salmon 7,8
beef 7,8
swordfish 7,7
stockfish 7,5
rabbit meat 7,2
loin 7,1
buckwheat 7
spelt 6,8
amberjack 6,8
durum wheat 6,7
mint 6,5
goose liver 6,5
kamut 6,3
barley flour 6,2
turkey breast 6,2
fennel seeds 6


The recommended dose of niacin varies according to individual characteristics, such as weight, lifestyle and health. In general, it is possible to take about 6.6 mg of niacin per 1000 kcal taken with the diet.

Since niacin is present in food products of both plant and animal origin, usually a healthy and balanced diet is sufficient to ensure the right daily intake.


Niacin plays a very important role in:

  • toxins: niacin is able to disintegrate substances other than those of nutrition or metabolism, such as alcohol and drugs.

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  • cholesterol: niacin affects the lipolysis process and it hinders the production of lipoproteins of LDL cholesterol, also commonly called “bad cholesterol”.

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  • Circulatory system: niacin can perform a dual function, strengthening the walls of blood vessels and exerting a vasodilating action, in order to promote blood circulation.


  • nervous system: niacin improves stress and mild depression conditions; more recent research also indicates the usefulness of the vitamin in order to counteract Parkinson’s.

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  • digestion: niacin promotes the production of hydrochloric acid, improving the digestive process and thus limiting abdominal pain and swelling.

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  • sexual sphere: niacin promotes the production of sex hormones, such as progesterone, estrogens and testosterone.

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  • joints: the anti-inflammatory action of niacin is decisive in case of joint problems and arthritis.

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  • skin: niacin protects against pathogens, sunspots, aging and skin dryness.

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In extreme cases, niacin deficiency causes pellagra, a disease that was very common in the past, but now it is practically disappeared in the industrialized countries and it is little visible in the developing countries. The pellagra comes with:

  • rash and red skin.
  • exhaustion, insomnia and apathy.
  • digestive problems.

Although rare, niacin deficiency can occur in the case of an unbalanced, little varied and, consequently, inadequate diet that do not provide the body with the nutrients it needs in the right quantities.