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NUTRA FER is a dietary supplement based on Bisglycinate Iron and Folate (calcium L-methylfolate).

Glass bottle of 50 ml with incorporated dropper.

1 ml (20 drops) = 10 mg Bisglycinated iron + 100 µg Folate.
4 ml (80 drops) = 40 mg Bisglycinated iron + 400 µg Folate.

Recommended posology: from 1 to 4 ml/day.

Ingredients:Water; sweetener: Erythritol; bisglycinate Iron; natural red orange  flavor; acidifying agent: citric acid; preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate; Folmidable®: calcium L-methyfolate (Folate).


Vegan Friendly: without the use of animal derived substances.

OGM Free: without the use of substances composed of or derived from genetically modified organisms.

Gluten Free: gluten-free ingredients.

Diabetic Friendly: no added sugar.

Latex Free: pipettes without the use of latex and/or derivatives.

Formule Vegan FriendlyProdotti OGM free


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NUTRA FER is a dietary supplement based on iron, which contributes to the normal cognitive function, the energy metabolism, the red blood cells and the hemoglobin formation, the oxygen transport to the body, the immune system function, the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. The product is enriched with folate, which contributes to the growth of maternal tissues in pregnancy, the normal hematopoiesis and the normal metabolism of homocysteine.

Iron is contained in many foods, but only some of them (mainly of animal origin) bring considerable quantities of the most biologically active form.

Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the world: when iron loss is not adequately compensated by an adequate dietary intake, a latent deficiency state occurs and, over time, it leads to iron deficiency anemia (insufficient number of red blood cells and insufficient amount of hemoglobin).

This may depend on:

  • Reduced intake, often due to unbalanced diets.
  • Inefficient absorption, due to achlorhydria, diarrhea, gastro-intestinal changes.
  • Excessive blood loss, due to menstrual loss or bleeding.

NUTRA FER is suitable for subjects with reduced iron intake and in particular:

  • Infants and children.
  • Women of childbearing age (with abundant menstrual cycle), pregnant and breastfeeding women.
  • Athletes.
  • Blood donors.
  • Subjects with conditions and/or disorders involving blood loss:

-Plastic anemia.

– K Vitamin deficiency.

-Cirrhosis of the liver.

– Defects in coagulation.



-Kidney failure.


-Multiple myeloma.


-Septic shock.


The bisglycinate iron contained in NUTRA FER plays an effective therapeutic role, resulting in restoring the physiological functioning of erythrocytes and thus minimizing the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia.

The concomitant presence of iron and folate promotes the multiplication processes of cells with intense turn-over, such as red blood cells, improving their functioning.
Folate (calcium L-methylfolate) is a pro-vitamin that participates in the production of nucleic acids, thus contributing to cell reproduction.

The synergistic action of the two elements mutually enhances the effectiveness, making NUTRA FER the ideal choice for the prevention and/or treatment of iron deficiency anemia.

The formulation uses erythritol as a sweetener, that is a natural sweetener produced by the fermentation made by the yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae from dextrose:

  • Glycemic index and insulin index equal to zero.
  • Free of aftertaste.
  • High digestive tolerance.
  • Tooth friendly: it does not promote dental caries.

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