Rosa Canina is the most widespread rose species in the world belonging to the Rosaceae family. It is a spontaneous plant with a thorny shrub that can reach 3 meters in height. It grows in the hills and in the countryside especially on large and very sunny areas. The plant is named “canine” by Pliny the Elder (1st century AD), who described the healing of a soldier suffering from rabies thanks to a decoction made from these berries.

Rosehip berries: a concentrate of vitamin C

When it comes to vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) it is normal to think immediately of oranges. However, among the richest fruits of this precious vitamin, we do not find oranges, but rosehip berries that have 40 times the vitamin C contained in oranges (100 g of rosehip berries contain about 2,200 mg of vitamin C, while 100g of oranges have about 50 mg of vitamin C).

Rose Canina berry extract is a concentrate of Vit. C, a powerful antioxidant that helps strengthen our immune system and hinders the formation of free radicals by reducing cellular aging.

Vitamin C also serves to promote iron absorption.