Vegan food supplements differ from common food supplements on the market, due to their intrinsic characteristic of having tested and certified ingredients, not deriving from animal sources and / or derived from them.

Supply chain control in production also certifies that there are no cross-contamination with other productions of food of animal origin or derivation.

NUTRA-BE, a young Italian company, through expertise and passion, studies its own formulations and develops specific vegan food supplements, designed to adapt to the needs of the customer who is most attentive to certain ethical issues, respecting the balance of nature and promoting mental health that physical.

The company NUTRA-BE certifies that all its vegan food supplements do not contain ingredients of animal origin and / or derived from them, not only in the active ingredient but also in the use of any sweeteners and adjuvants useful for the stability of the product.

All the raw materials that make up our formulations are certified by our suppliers as Vegan Friendly, OGM free, Gluten Free and, for almost all of our vegan food supplements, also Diabetic Friendly, as we use, where possible, a sweetener of origin natural that has a Glycemic Index almost equal to zero.