NUTRA-BE Srl is a young Italian company founded by the owner Riccardo Zanella, Ph.D. in Food Science and Technology. Through competence and passion, we have formulated our line of nutraceutical products, designed and studied with only one goal: the well-being of the man. All the active ingredients used in our products are of extraction and/or vegetal derivation, respecting the ethical and nutritional requirements of the vegan/vegetarian world. Keeping the environmental sustainability as a goal, we have created our line of food supplements and a body cream, using recyclable materials, harmless to the environment, such as glass, aluminum, paper, cardboard. With the same objective, we create packaging for shipments with less use of plastic materials, building corrugated cardboard and duct tape. In this last period of increased health care, we introduced a line of hand sanitizer gel formulated with extracts of natural origin.