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The theme of eco-sustainability is central in this historical period.

As defined by the United Nations World Commission for Environment and Development (ONU), which presented this concept for the first time in the 1987 report “Our Common Future”, environmental eco-sustainability consists in acting in order to guarantee to future generations the natural resources available to live a lifestyle equal, if not better, than current generations.

Practically, the term “sustainable” indicates something that allows man to continue living on this planet: the core is the concept of renewal of resources.

Ecosostenibilità: cosa è e quali comportamenti adottare

The concept of eco-sustainability applies to all aspects of our life.


To create and maintain a sustainable ecosystem over time, environmental protection is fundamental.

The interactions that man has with the environment can be defined as sustainable only when they do not destroy or damage the environment itself and the resources it provides.

At the basis of environmental protection, there is therefore the concept that man’s use of the environment can significantly affect it: it is important to minimize the negative effects and encourage behaviors that have a positive impact.

Ecosostenibilità: Cos'è e Perchè è Importante in Economia

Each of us can do something simple, but effective, on a daily basis, in order to bring benefits to the cause of eco-sustainability and preservation of the environment.


NUTRA-BE is a young Italian company that, with competence and passion, has formulated a line of “Eco-Friendly” nutraceutical products, with the aim of respecting and caring for the environment.

All NUTRA-BE food supplements are made exclusively of glass and aluminium packages, without the use of plastic.

The packaging of NUTRA-BE products also excludes the use of plastic, limiting itself to the exclusive use of paper and cardboard.

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